Under the Apple Tree Segment- Internet Broadcasting Advanced

I was very fortunate to join in with these group of guys for this weekly podcast, Under the Apple Tree, we are filming for Internet Broadcasting Advanced. Under the Apple Tree is a video podcast where the host, Todd, does all different types of tutorials such as cooking and building- all in an effort to live a handmade life. He shares his recipes, tips and tricks with us, and we’re always learning! I was not involved in the filming of this episode, but I did the editing. Check it out!


The History of Kaukauna, WI

This was my final project for my Video Editing class for spring 2015. This project was a lot of fun to do, and I received alot of compliments from Kaukauna residents once it began to spread around Facebook and more and more people viewed it.

I was fortunate enough to have a classmate help me with some of the filming as well. I used Final Cut to edit the video.


Forgotten Fire Winery Video

This video was my final project for Video Photography in Spring of 2015. I did a video for Forgotten Fire Winery in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. I learned about the history of the land, the different types of wine they sell, and what their business is all about! Check it out!

Storyboarding- Leaf Blower Commercial

This was an assignment for my Preproduction class. I worked with a classmate on coming up with an idea for a commercial about a leaf blower. We sketched out the storyboard and then scanned them into the computer and used Final Cut to time it out accurately. We then added sound effects and a music bed.

PSA- The Importance of Staying in School and Graduating

This is a video I made for my Video Photography class. It is a PSA about the importance of staying in school and graduating. I had some friends and family help me out with the project! This was my first project using a high quality camera and I didn’t use anything to help capture the audio better. I edited it in Final Cut.

Oh ya, and for entertainment purposes, I’ve included a blooper reel with some outtakes! Enjoy!

DIY Lifestyle Episode 4- A Dragonfly Made of Fan Blades & Table Leg

A DIY Lifestyle is a podcast series that demonstrates how to do a variety of different crafts and projects that you can do yourself. You can see tutorials from refinishing furniture, sewing projects, and even how to make yard art for your home.

For this podcast, I recorded my audio in Garageband, and then imported it into iMovie along with the photos for it.

This episode is a step-by-step demonstration on how to make a dragonfly using ceiling fan blades and a table leg.

Show Notes:

Supplies needed for this project:

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